Allowing End Users to See the Size of Writable Volumes – VMware App Volumes.

How does an end user know how large their Writable Volume is? well, it’s possible. You can just create a new registry key during the App Volumes Agent configuration on the user’s desktop or the parent VM. Allowing End Users to See the Size of Writable Volumes: You can view space remaining in writable volumes from the […]

Windows 10 Start menu broken after Windows 10 LTSB 2016 March Cumulative Update in Horizon 7.X ( floating view) with App Volumes 2.12.X environment.

I have recently come across an issue with Windows 10 vdi Desktop, A non-persistent pool running Windows 10 LTSB 2016 build (Build 1607). After the Windows 10, LTSB 2016 March Cumulative Update the Windows 10 Start menu was broken when attaching the App Volume Writable volumes. App Volumes 2.12.X  with UIA+Profile writable volumes template Windows 10 LTSB […]

Changing the default session timeout value for the VMware App Volumes Manager v2.12.x

Most of my customers were asked, is it possible to extend the session Timeout in the App Volumes Manager v2.12.X environment?. The answer is “YES” we can achieve this just to follow the below simple steps.  RDP into your App Volumes Manager Locate the Nginx.conf file “C:\Program Files (x86) \CloudVolumes\Manager\nginx\Conf\” Modify the ssl_session_timeout value to […]

New features summary for the VMware App Volumes release 2.12 – vSphereWorld.

The new releases of VMware App Volumes 2.12.1 (11 APR 2017) roll out exciting new features – improved upgrade process, Writable Volumes exclusions, and important security fixes. Read on for a quick introduction to these features and links to resources offering more information. User Guide :  Download What’s New : The latest release of App […]

Instant clone creation fails with the error “Fault type is UNKNOWN_FAULT_FATAL”

Recently I come across an issue with instant clone pool. It was showing an error that “Cloning of VM has failed: Fault type is UNKNOWN_FAULT_FATAL – Either the resource pool: xx xx xx is empty or all its hosts are marked for maintenance” Cause: This is because the hosts are in or are marked for […]

Horizon View – Understanding Linked clone process

In my previous post, we have discussed Horizon view Composer Linked clone in details. On this post will walk you through the process of building a linked clone desktop, and what’s goes on behind the scenes, Understanding Linked clone process: There are two processes involved in order to provision linked clone desktops. Creation and Provisioning desktop […]

Horizon View Composer Linked Clone Explained

On this post, we will discuss Horizon View Composer Linked clones in details, Before we start with linked clone lets see some of the benefits of Linked Clone: Reduce storage requirements Desktop provisioning is faster than full cone Provides single image management, etc View Composer enables administrators to rapidly clone and deploy multiple desktops from a single base […]

Install and Configure App Volumes v2.12? – Part 1

In my previous blogs we discussed about the new features, enhancements and improvements in v2.12. This blog will guide you through the install and Configure the App Volumes Manager v2.12. Upgrading to App Volumes 2.12 is very straight forward although it’s not really an upgrade process. To UPGRADE you just need to remove the AV Manager and reinstall […]