VMware App Volumes – How to Create a New App Stack?

In this blog , I will show you how easy it is to create a new appstack on VMware App Volumes Manager.

Create a new appstack:

Important: The provisioning of AppStacks must be performed on a clean base image.

  • From within the App Volumes Manger dashboard select the “Volumes” from the navigation bar, Select “Appstacks” tab, and f click “Create Appstacks”.

3 (1)

  • Provide the AppStack details in the next screen, provide a name, storage, path, template, and a brief description of the AppStack. Click on “Create”.

3 (2)

  • You will be prompted to perform the AppStack creation in the background (default) or “Wait for Completion”. I chose Wait for completion and clicked “Create“.

3 (3)

  • Now the AppStack created and it is time to provision the AppStack for the application installations. In the right hand side of the AppStack click “Provision”.

3 (4)

Any system with the App Volumes agent installed can be used as the provisioning system as long as they do not have an attached Appstacks or a writable volume attached.

  • Select the Provisioning machine and Click on “Start Provisioning

3 (5)             3 (6)

  • You will be seeing an additional VMDK has been mounted to the Provisioning virtual machine. This VMDK will be used by App Volumes for the application installations.

3 (7)

  • In your Provisioning system. Click “Provision” to continue.

3 (8)

Warning: Do not click OK until you have fully completed the software installation of all your applications. If you click OK before installation is finished for the first application, the AppStack will be created; however, it will be empty. If you click OK before you have finished installing all of the applications you want in the AppStack, the AppStack will contain only the applications you have completed installing.

  • Now go ahead and install the application on the provision machine. Once the installations completed Click Ok to Continue. You will be prompted with additional dialogs making sure you have completed the application installs and letting you know that the host system will be rebooted.

3 (9) 3 (10)

  • After the system reboot of the provisioning VM, you will receive the “Provisioning successful” message. And click “OK

3 (11)

  • New AppStack will be appear on the App Volume manager console now.

3 (12)

You are done with the new appstack creation!!

I hope this is informative for you. Thanks for Reading!!!. Be Social and share it in social media, if you feel worth sharing it.

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