How to Grant Read-Only Role in App Volumes Manager v2.12?

In my previous blog ” VMware Appvolumes 2.12 released – What is New? ” we saw that the new release of App Volumes has the role based access level capabilities. It has only “Read-only” role for now, this a great news as this would benefit for large enterprises to provide role base access to Level 1 (help desk team) support team to perform first level of support.

This has been added as a tech preview feature for now and based on the customer feedback VMware will confirm the availability of general feature soon.

By default, the read-only role environment variable is disabled with its value set to 0.

Note : The Tech Preview features and capabilities are not supported for production deployment, rather they are available as a preview of potential upcoming innovations to test in a lab or UAT environment.

Grant Read-Only Role in App Volumes Manager:

  • Login as administrator to the machine where the App Volumes Manager is installed.
  • Go to Properties of Computer > Advanced System Settings.


  • Click on Environment Variables.


  • Click on New under system Variables.


  • Set the environment variable AVM_ENABLE_READ_ONLY_ROLE to 1


  • Go to App Volumes Manager and click Configuration > Roles.


  • Now you will be able to see Read-Only role in the drop-down menu.


  • You can now add the users/groups and assign read-only role. I have created a new group “AppVol_Helpdesk” and assigning Read-Only role. Click on Create.


  • You will now see Role Assignments under Roles.


  • Once the roles added , go ahead and restart the Appvolumes Manager services.
 Read-only administrator cannot perform the following functions:
  1.  Make configuration changes to the App Volumes Manager.
  2.  Create or import AppStacks
  3.  Make storage configuration changes
  4.  Add or remove Active Directory domains
  5.  Add or remove Machine Managers
  6.  Create, import, or update writable volumes

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