How to renew APNs Certificate – AirWatch

In my previous blog post, we discussed APNs certificate overview and generate an APN certificate first time for AirWatch MDM. Now let’s take a look at how to renew APNs Certificate – AirWatch.

APNs certificate is valid for one year and then must be renewed in order to continue managing iOS devices.

IMPORTANT: To perform this task, ensure your AirWatch Admin Account has access to the highest AirWatch Organization Group. Also, you must perform this task at the Organization Group level where the certificate was originally loaded. If your Admin Account does not have access to the highest Organization Group you may not be able to access the necessary settings.

Renewing an APNs Certificate:

Renewing Your APNs Certificate from the Apple Push Certificate Portal :

Note: You must renew the certificate with the same Apple ID credentials used to get the original certificate. It is also important to renew the same certificate originally uploaded in the console.

  • Navigate to Groups & Settings ► All Settings ► Devices & Users ► Apple ► APNs For MDM.
  • Click Renew.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to view the instructions and then right-click to download the AirWatch Certificate request.
  • Click Go To Apple.
  • Sign in using the same Apple ID used to sign into the Apple Push Certificates Portal website previously.

  • Click Renew for the certificate due to expire.

  • Click Choose File.
  • Navigate to the .plist file in the explorer window and click Open

  • Click Upload

  • Click Download to retrieve the new certificate. Although this is a renewed certificate, it displays as if it were a new certificate and you should now work with this version.

Now let is update the Certificate into AirWatch Admin Console :

  • Return to the AirWatch Admin Console and click Next.
  • Upload the Apple-signed certificate to AirWatch using the same Apple ID used to sign into the Apple Push Certificates Portal website previously.

  • Click Next.
  • Verify details on the Summary Page.
  • Click Save.

You are done !! now the new certificate is valid for one year from now.

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