Install and Configure App Volumes v2.12? – Part 2

In the previous blog we saw App Volumes manager v2.12 installation. This post i will guide you through the configuration of App Volumes Manager.

  • Once you done with the AppVol Mgr installation, just access the AVMgr console on a Browser.


  • This will redirect you to the Get Started page. Click on Get started and License the AV Manager.


  • Download the License Key and upload the same to AV Manager.


  • Now your App Volumes Manager has been Licensed.


  • Now Lets do the Active Directory Configuration.
  • Enter all the required details on the page and Click on Create.


  • You will be seeing a successful massage on the screen.


  • Click on Next.


  • Now lets set the access to to AV Manager. You can add users or groups to provide access to App Volumes Manager.
  • In my test lab i have a group created to mange the AVMGR Permission. Just added that and Click on Create.

2016-12-11_09h51_25 2016-12-11_09h51_42

  • In the next screen, will add the App volumes manager to vCenter Server. its pretty straight forward, just provide the details and Click on Save.


  • Click Accept the Certificate. This is a new feature introduced in App Volumes 2.11, Now you can securely connect to a vCenter Server from App Volumes using an SSL certificate. ( I will have a new post with the detailed information Soon)


  • Now vCenter has been added to AV Mgr.


  • Lets do the Storage Configuration, Select the storage where you would like to have the Appstacks and Writable Volumes and Click on Next.


  • Now this will set the default App Volumes directory in the storage. I preferred to use “Import Volumes in the background
  • Click on Set Defaults.


  • You will now prompted to upload the “Writable Volume” template to the storage.
  • Select the templates and Click on Upload.


  • Templates has been uploaded successfully.


  • Click on Next and you are now done with the Configuration.


Thats all about the App Volumes v2.12 Configuration.

In my next blog will walk you through the new features in Appvolumes v2.12. Please stand by.

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