Key Considerations for Evaluating On premise vs SaaS AirWatch Deployment.

To Cloud or Not to cloud? It’s a very frequently asked question by many of the customers before the implementation of AirWatch, and it is one of the biggest trends in the IT industry right now. It is advisable to compare and contrast the two in order to determine whether you’re making the right decision.

let’s take a look at both options here, then you can decide which would best fit your organization.

AirWatch On-Premise: 

If you would like to go for on-Prem deployment first thing you need to consider is do we have staffing and scalability available to manage? as you have the complete visibility and control of your infrastructure locally. In most of the enterprise’s cases, you have a well organized support teams like Helpdesk, Endpoint team and several tiers of admins that handle different aspects of the infrastructure.  In in these situations, I think having an on-Prem install of AirWatch is fine.


Unlimited scale (may require additional hardware)
Implement in days. Quick Start Installation Programs and custom programs available
Choose your own hardware. Guide provided so you’ll know what hardware you will need
Data stored based on configurable privacy policies
Develop based on your AirWatch installation requirements and sizing
Firewall and proxy configuration required for network system setup
Integrate directly with APIs and firewall configurations
Choose when to upgrade based on AirWatch release schedule and OS/manufacturer updates
Migrate to AirWatch Cloud at any time


  • Inability to scale without purchasing more hardware
  • Cost of power/space/cooling
  • Datacenter footprint
  • Augmented technical staff

AirWatch Cloud:

There are many benefits of SaaS deployment over on-premises. AirWatch is available in both a shared hosted or dedicated hosted environment for enterprises deploying SaaS. AirWatch leverages multiple redundant data centers, best-in-class hardware, high availability and an 24/7/365 network operations center to support its SaaS customers.


Unlimited scale with no hardware to purchase
Implement in days. Quick Start Configurations Programs and custom programs available
Best-in-class technology from Cisco, EMC, Dell, F5, VMware and Riverbed
Data stored based on configurable privacy policies
High availability and disaster recovery configurations with test environments
Preconfigured network seamlessly integrates your network systems
Integrate AirWatch EMM with enterprise systems with AirWatch Cloud Connector
Receive software upgrades and maintenance checks automatically
Migrate to on-premise at any time


  • Loss of complete visibility into your deployment
  • Hardware is physically off site


Set your cloud vs on-premise delivery decision aside until the end, so that you can truly focus on your requirements and the solution that best fits those needs, before debating how to deploy it.

My Suggestion is to share your requirements to VMware and they are the best person to help you decide which type of deployment fits your needs analyzing your requirements.

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