Instant clone creation fails with the error “Fault type is UNKNOWN_FAULT_FATAL”

Recently I come across an issue with instant clone pool. It was showing an error that “Cloning of VM has failed: Fault type is UNKNOWN_FAULT_FATAL – Either the resource pool: xx xx xx is empty or all its hosts are marked for maintenance” Cause: This is because the hosts are in or are marked for […]

Horizon View – Understanding Linked clone process

In my previous post, we have discussed Horizon view Composer Linked clone in details. On this post will walk you through the process of building a linked clone desktop, and what’s goes on behind the scenes, Understanding Linked clone process: There are two processes involved in order to provision linked clone desktops. Creation and Provisioning desktop […]

Horizon View Composer Linked Clone Explained

On this post, we will discuss Horizon View Composer Linked clones in details, Before we start with linked clone lets see some of the benefits of Linked Clone: Reduce storage requirements Desktop provisioning is faster than full cone Provides single image management, etc View Composer enables administrators to rapidly clone and deploy multiple desktops from a single base […]

VMware Horizon view 6.X – Part 01 – Installing View connection Server

In this post i will walk you through the steps to install and Configure the First View connection server. Horizon view 6.0 – Part 01 – Installing View connection Server. Before you start with the installation, make sure you have the below listed items The View Connection Server can be physical or virtual. (preferred is a virtual […]