VMware App Volumes documentation

In this blog , you will see VMware Appvolume documentation which includes Release guide and User guide – All the versions released by VMware. VMware App Volumes Documentation: App Volumes Version Release Date New Features Release Note User Guide App Volumes v2.5 3-Feb-15 1. Horizon View integration for better performance. Click Here Click Here 2. Multiple […]

System Requirements for App Volumes?

In this blog, i explain about the system requirements in order to successfully deploy the VMware AppVolume Manager. Below is the appvolume system requirement. App Volumes System Requirements: The following browsers are supported for the App Volumes Management Console: • Internet Explorer 9 or later • Mozilla Firefox 28 or later • Safari 5.1 or later […]

What is VMware App volumes?

As most of you would know and agree that, delivering and Managing applications on VDI environment is a big challenge especially on a floating view. Any changes to the floating desktop are lost on logout, so new applications must be added to a base image and recompose is required during the maintenance window. A few […]