VMware App Volumes documentation

In this blog , you will see VMware Appvolume documentation which includes Release guide and User guide – All the versions released by VMware.

VMware App Volumes Documentation:

App Volumes Version Release Date New Features Release Note User Guide
App Volumes v2.5 3-Feb-15 1. Horizon View integration for better performance. Click Here Click Here
2. Multiple templates for writable volumes for additional control over user installed data, applications and user profiles.
App Volumes v2.6 12-Mar-15 1. AppStack Grouping. Click Here  Click Here
2. Automatic AppStack Import
3. Server Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Support
4. Improved Internationalization Support
App Volumes v2.7 28-Apr-15 1. Trusted Domain Credentials Click Here Click Here
2. Agent access to VHD
3. Storage Group Distribution Strategy
App Volumes v2.9 15-Jun-15 1. Support for application/Writable volume deployment to physical machines.  Click Here Click Here
2. Support for profiles on writable volumes.
3. Multi vCenter Configurations.
App Volumes v2.10 24-Nov-15 1. Windows 10 Support Click Here Click Here  
2. Enabling vMotion
3. Expand existing writable volumes
4. Horizon 6.2 support
App Volumes v2.11 7-Sep-16 1. Support for VMware Horizon View versions 7 and 7.0.1 Click Here Click Here  
2. TLS 1.0 protocol communications disabled from App Volumes agent
App Volumes v2.12 12-Aug-16 1. Performance improvements for faster user login and application launch Click Here Click Here  
2. Integration with Active Directory
3. Security Enhancements
4. Support for Delivering Office 365 (Office 2016) Applications Through AppStacks
5. Support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update (AU) build 1607

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