VMware Horizon view 6.X – Part 01 – Installing View connection Server

In this post i will walk you through the steps to install and Configure the First View connection server.

Horizon view 6.0 – Part 01 – Installing View connection Server.

Before you start with the installation, make sure you have the below listed items

  1. The View Connection Server can be physical or virtual. (preferred is a virtual machine to get the benefits of HA and DRS)
  2. VMware View installation files – Download the installation files form vmware.com.
  3. Static IP address – Strongly recommended to have static IP address for View servers.
  4. NTP – Maintaining accurate time is necessary for the operation of the View Manager components.
  5. VMware View license files

Hardware Requirements for View Connection Server :

2016-10-25 02_16_59-View Installation - VMware Horizon 6.0

Supported Operating Systems for View Connection Server:

2016-10-25 02_18_26-View Installation - VMware Horizon 6.0

Software Requirements for View Connection Server:

You must use a supported version of vSphere ESXi hosts and vCenter Server. For details about which versions of View are compatible with which versions of vCenter Server and ESXi, see the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix at http://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/sim/interop_matrix.php.

Let us Begin with the Installation,

  • Double Click “VMware-viewconnectionserver-x86_64-6.0.0-xxxxxx.exe” to start the installer.
  • Run the View Connection installer as administrator.

Note: The system must be a member of a domain, but cannot be a domain controller.

  • On the Welcome screen, click Next.

  • Accept the terms of the license agreement, and click Next.

  • Accept the default Destination Folder location, and click Next.

  • On the Installation Options screen, select View Standard Server, and click Next.

  • On the Data Recovery screen, enter a password that will be used to protect data backups of the VMware View Connection server, and click Next.

  • On the Firewall Configuration screen, allow the firewall to be configured automatically, and click Next

  • On the Initial View Administrators screen, specify a user or group of users to be View administrators, and click Next

  • On the User Experience Improvement Program screen, select the appropriate fields depending on your business, and click Next.

  • On the Ready to Install the Program screen, review your choices.

  • Click Install to proceed with the installation.

  • Click Finish after the installation completes.

  • Verify the installation was successful. Open “Services.msc” and check the below VMware Horizon View Services are running.

2016-10-25 02_49_34-view-cs01 - Remote Desktop Connection

You are now done with the view connection server installation. In my next blog will see the View composer installation. Please stand by!!